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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Temporary work for Offshore Rigs

According to figures released by Exxon, even during the height of the recession the price of oil still hovered at around $60 per barrel. The figures also show that as the global economy begins its slow recovery, the price of oil has lead the way in economic stability by achieving greater prices; already it is hitting an average of $70 per barrel. Oil has always been a great barometer of the world's financial health and it also points to new opportunities for those looking for offshore jobs, either on a temporary basis or more permanently.

High Prices Make for Bright Prospects

The price of oil is a major influence on the possibilities for those looking for an offshore job. During the recession, the oil industry reacted by freezing the wages of those in offshore drilling jobs and other offshore oil jobs, rather than opting for redundancies. The result was that, as global recovery began to take hold, the industry was in a strong position to return to work and optimize its profitability. Additionally various governments, including the US, offered tax breaks and other financial incentives to kick start the industry into operation. Also to be taken into account is the fact that, in order to keep up with consumer demand, further oil fields are being sought and discovered. This helps to keep the price of oil at a price that is good for both the oil industry and the global economy and opens the door for those looking for offshore drilling jobs and other associated work such as offshore gas jobs. It seems that even in the face of economic disaster, the oil and gas industry is virtually bullet-proof.

Job Potential

Because of the factors involved in re-establishing the oil industry after the recession, the prospects for those looking offshore oil jobs are at an all-time high. The need to find and process new oil fields has caused a sudden surge in vacancies for roustabouts and other temporary offshore oil jobs. Companies such as Exxon and BP have secured new oil fields in Brazil and Mexico, creating opportunities that need to be filled sooner rather than later.

Job Description

‘Roustabout' is a general term for all entry-level offshore oil jobs. What makes them attractive to many is that you do not need any experience in the field to qualify, making them a perfect option for those who are just starting out or who are looking for a change in direction but have no qualifications outside of their prior job. There are essentially three different sorts of roustabout: drilling, maintenance and rigging roustabouts. All roustabouts are essential to the smooth operation of any oil rig. Maintenance roustabouts are involved in the general care and maintenance of a platform, often working as assistants to the mechanics and welders. This work is particularly good for those who want to begin to forge themselves a career in the oil industry, as it offers a good foundation for the many career paths available. Rigging roustabouts work with the offshore crane operator, preparing and securing cargo for the supply barges, while drilling roustabouts work with the offshore drilling crews and can quickly work their way up the ladder to relieve roughnecks when they need to take a break.

Future Prospects

The perks for those in offshore jobs are many and varied. The work can be challenging and arduous, but workers are rewarded with good rates of pay and the opportunity to visit other countries whilst being paid. There are few industries that offer these bonuses and there are fewer industries that are so loyal to their workforce.
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Top five UK motorbiking rides

Spring has sprung, the weather's warming up, and motorcyclists nationwide will be donning helmets and leathers and putting tyre to tarmac. As a bike lover, you may be on the search for the perfect blend of hair-raising bends and breath-taking scenery so you can get your knee down and your heart rate up at the start of the new season.
If so, read on for our pick of the UK's top rides.

1) The Peak District - the Cat and Fiddle Run

The 11km-long strip of tarmac known as the Cat and Fiddle run in Buxton, Macclesfield, is a rite of passage for bikers because of the smoothness of the surface and the staggering scenery, but it comes with its own fair share of danger, so make sure you ride with utmost care and concentration. Nonetheless, the bends, the corners, the moors and the views along the A357 are sure to keep you coming back.

2) Northern Ireland - the Antrim coast road

At 60 miles long, the Antrim coast road is a contender for one of the best biking roads in Ireland - if not, the world. Head north out of Larne on to the A2 and follow the road which twists in and out of pretty fishing villages, skimming close to the sea's edge - gazing out across the North Channel to the Mull of Kintyre. The route is extremely technical as the turns get tighter and the drops tumble into the waves crashing into the cliffs below, so focus on your observation and positioning skills - and you will be well rewarded.

3) East Sussex - Tenterden to Hastings

For a lovely ride on a sunny morning, leave Tenterden on the B2082 heading south towards Rye. Keep your wits about you, as this is a nippy, twisty road that demands your utmost attention, and watch out for blind spots from the high hedges that enclose the road. Rye is a great place for bikers, with many gathering at the roundabouts on the quayside, but once you've had your fill, head west from here on the A259, another good fast road, which should mean you get to Hastings - home to the annual May Day Run - just in time for lunch on the seafront.

4) North Wales and Snowdonia - Llangollen to Betws-y-Coed

The A5 is full of twists and kinks and follows a meandering river for much of the way - without cutting corners. For a great day's biking, follow the road all the way through Llanberis between the mountains of Snowdon and the Glyders - riding with caution through the Llanberis pass. Finish your journey in Betws-y-Coed, the gateway into Snowdownia National Park - and spend a night or two at one of the motorbike-friendly B&Bs in this small yet perfectly formed tourist town.

5) Scottish Highlands - Glasgow to Inverness

Throughout its length from Glasgow to Inverness, the A82 is a joy to ride; the banks of Loch Lomond set the tone for the route, as the road clings to the magnificent landscape. This fast yet smooth road goes on through Glencoe and along the full length of Loch Ness, offering a fantastic introduction to highland riding - with high speed curves and long sweeping bends - before taking you onto Fort William and Fort Augustus. With boundless views into the distance, this road will give you a real sense of freedom, and is the perfect place to spend a weekend getting away from it all.
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5 reasons to buy prescription glasses online

Currently most people buy their prescription glasses from their local glasses shop, but over the next few years more and more people will start buying their glasses online and here are the top 5 reasons shopping for glasses online is better.

There are many reasons why shopping for glasses online is better than going to the store, these are just my top 5 reasons.

1. Convenience - People live much busier lives than at any other time in history, and many of us just don't have the time to go look at glasses during the day when the stores are open. Buying your prescription glasses over the internet allows you to shop 24 hours a day 7 days a week and holidays. Unfortunately most malls are not open at 2am, but websites have the advantage of never closing
2. Cost - let's say I want to open a prescription eyeglasses store; the first thing I am going to need to do is find a location for my store. This store is going to cost me money for rent, then I need to hire staff, this is more expenses, then I have to pay for electricity, water and garbage removal. So before I even buy my stock I am paying thousands of dollars a month. But I can save myself on rent, garbage removal, electricity and sales staff. By doing this I can charge you less then my land based competitors and still make the same if not more of a profit, and because the internet is worldwide I am not limited to selling my glasses to people in my immediate area like a local store would be, I can offer my products to people in need of prescription eyeglasses all over the globe.
3. Service - In a store the staff is considered sales staff. It is their job to make sales, and they may even get a commission on each sale they make. In an online store they have no sales people. The only people would ever need to talk to would be customer service and their job is to help you with any problems of questions, but they are not trying to make a sale or get you to buy expensive additions that you do not need. The information they provide is aimed at helping you and not at getting you to spend more money.
4. Selection - since they do not need to rent a store for their online prescription glasses shop they don't have to worry about not having enough room to display as many different types of glasses as they want. This allows them to offer you more selections without having to pay for a bigger showroom. All they need to do is place pictures of the different glasses on their website at no extra cost and this allows them to offer you bigger selections and lower prices.
5. Price - I know I mentioned that online glasses are less expensive, but I want to make it clear that by buying your glasses online you can save up to 70% on your prescription glasses. This is significantly less then what you will pay in any store. As a matter of fact you can get 2 pairs and it will still be cheaper than a regular store.
As I said there are many reasons to switch to buying your glasses online, and once you have shopped online and seen how stress free and convenient it really is you will never want to walk into a regular store again.
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