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Friday, May 7, 2010

Successful Search Engine Optimization Training

If you want to have a successful internet business, make sure that you will have your website search engine optimized, because that is very important for your website to appear in higher places in the search engines, which will lead to more visitors to it.
Mainly there are only a couple of things that you will have to do in order to make your website search engine friendly, but you will have to learn how to make them.

Today there are many ways for you to receive a good SEO training, which are to read all of the information that is available in the internet or to sign up for a special SEO course.
If you want to read all of the information about search engine optimization you will only have to search for the websites that offer such information. However that is very hard if you are not familiar with web development, because you will have to get basic knowledge of that term. This method is suitable for more experienced website owners.

For all of the people, who do not have knowledge of web development there are some special SEO training courses that are available and there they will learn all of it, without leaving the comfort of their home. The reason for that is the fact that you will be able to sign up for such classes via the internet and attend the using special communication software like for example Skype, where you will be able to make audio and video calls. This way you will be able to learn all of the basics, but have in mind that if you want to have a lot better search engine performance you will have to read all of the news that are available in that area, because all of the search engine algorithms are changing every day and for that reason you must be familiar with all of them, but have in mind that you will not have to update your website every day, but a couple of times every month.

SEO training is accessible in lots of forms on Internet and there are many forums online where people can ask the question, which the people who have discovered how answer and what to do in this subject you pose. In addition, there are many informative articles on the Internet, which deal with the comprehensive study of the SEO and quick learning tips, which can solve a particular source of confusion that you might possess. But, the articles you find on Internet are well made to lead you to the website where you may purchase SEO services or else enroll in the course online or download the component, which can teach you necessary methods. It depends on your level of knowledge; the fact sheet tips article may fit your education requirements. Obviously, looking for the free reports & articles is a least expensive method toward gaining the SEO knowledge, but this is a cumbersome, tedious as well as long drawn out procedure.
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How Important branding is to Your Marketing Strategy?

Have you seen the must have "mobile phone" on the bill boards or picture of the fuzzy drinks on the drink mats while lunch? Have you ever thought your subconscious is been programmed in a very delicate way to adopt new products introduced by the large companies as a part of their branding strategies? If you know all these facts can you resist branding? I believe the answer will be "no".

"Golden Arches" or the "White Tick" are very common to most of the people around the globe and people know which the company behind them is. We only have to see their logo to know which company is producing it, similar happens with the top brands of the world. Strong sense of familiarity is the result of the power of strong brand awareness. And this familiarity results in confidence and trust; after all, it must be good reason behind the popularity of a brand.

If you take a standard supermarkets' economy baked bean tin and some very famous brand the more colourful "Hienz". It will be interesting for you to know that 4/5 people could not tell the difference between the tins of beans when gone though a blindfolded taste test. Although the interior is pretty much identical, there is a very huge difference in prices. The colourful brand "Heinz" sells for three times more price as compared to the economy brands. That's why these small green cans are fetching $500 millions a year off the shelves. And only possible answer is the "Branding".

Most of the time we see, when we buy a brand we are not only buying a product but we are presented a lifestyle. People get familiarize with the products and establish a sense of attachment with it and when it becomes intense it is called brand loyalty. It can trigger peoples' emotions with philosophies and lifestyles hence developing an emotional and psychological attachment to the product.

Brand awareness is yet another factor influences the decision and plays a vital role even stronger than the price of the product. In fact branding influence us, we feel happy even paying more for a product having a specific logo on it than the one which don't. The most important technique in developing a brand is EXPOSURE, as much as you can. The simple yet a very powerful way is to put your logo on some promotional merchandise, have your corporate logo printed on day to day objects used in home or office. The image is reinforced every time it passes before eyes.
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Understanding Mug Printing

A well designed promotional mug can have a lasting effect with your customers. The use of printed mugs as a promotional tool is popular to many business owners. If you want to promote your business through printed mugs, you can easily do it. But it is important that you should print your mugs well. Mug printing is an art, the following article should help you to learn about printing mugs.

Mug printing requires several things. You have to understand the taste and choice of your target audience, the color effects and the latest printing technology.

First comes the understanding of your audience as every business has a particular target audience, you have to keep the taste and choices of your target audience in mind before finalising your printing design. If your target audience is children, it would be worth considering placing emphasis on the use of colors, as children love bright colors. Whereas a business customer, would most likely prefer a plain mug with a meaning business brand and message, not forgetting your all important website and contact details.

Next comes the understanding of the printing technology itself. There are a number of printing techniques that include screen printing, digital printing and transfer printing. You should use the technique according to the effect you want to produce in your audience, however some prints require a transfer, whereas others may be more suited to a screen print for example. The most popular technique to imprint company logos is the screen-printing using the screen-printing method, ink is passed through to re-create an image on the mugs. You can use this fast and simple method for high volume mug printing jobs, however on more detailed printing with numerous colours where there registration problems it would be worth considering a digital or transfer print.

Transfer printing, comprises of a print laid onto a transfer which is applied by hand to each mug, the mugs are then glazed and fired to permanently attach the transfer to the mug.

Digital printing is more suited to producing high-resolution photographic prints and as such is usually only recommended for small print runs. Digital printing is usally limited to white glaze ware only, but you can also use a dye sublimation method for mug printing on other colours. Using this method, you can create bright, vibrant images. Dye sublimation uses special inks, which are printed onto coated paper and released onto the mug when heat is applied. The effect of the dye sublimation method is usually fantastic. Thus, depending on your choices and the audience, you can apply any of the above-mentioned methods.

Apart from the technique, you will also have to give attention to the business message you want to convey to the target audience. You can print the name or logo of your company, but if you are going to launch a new product, you can print its picture on the mugs. You can also print a slogan or a funny quote on the mugs to make them more interesting. Most importantly ensure that your company contact details can be found easily on the mug.
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Blazt off your confusion with OBDII scan tool

"On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) is a necessary system for modern vehicles - having very complex engine configuration and technology. In simple words it means vehicle's capability to detect its own errors and provide reports either to the owner or servicing technician. OBD has grown a long way since its inception into vehicles in 1980.

The blaZt.II OBDII Software Scan tool is one the most unique OBDII scan tools launched till date for Nissan vehicles. Being a personal automotive scan tool, it's compatible with most Nissan cars and is real-time too. With the help of blaZt.II OBDII in your car, you can easily download engine codes, engine computer statistics, check car performance, reset your car engine fault codes and many others. The computer chip inside the engine of your vehicle detects errors - if any, as soon as they happen, alerting you in time.

blaZt.II OBDII is easy to install and use, reducing confusion for you while encoding the problems given by software. All blaZt.II packages are available in full version, with ready to use ‘plug and play' hardware. Sensor data and fault codes are shown clearly and you can quickly go through it, even while driving the vehicle. You can also reset the codes to see when the fault reoccurs, or if you have fixed the error causing the engine light to come on..

Unlike other on-board diagnostics, blaZt.II OBDII comes with a three year warranty from software to data cable. This is not to lure you, but our confidence about the durability of the product. The warranty of the product begins after blaZt.II OBDII is installed in the vehicle. We promise to replace the unit you bought or refund the full purchase price if there are errors. "
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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Weigh up the costs when choosing a new car

When it comes to buying a new set of wheels, most of us will spend hours deliberating over the make and model before signing on the dotted line.

As a motorist, there are all sorts of factors to take into consideration, such as price, reliability, fuel efficiency, the insurance premium, and how much it costs to tax.

Here we take a closer look at some of these factors, to see which cars deliver the best value-for-money, and which motors you might be better off steering clear of - because they'll leave you out of pocket.

All the findings in this article are based on 12 models (*) - Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus, Ford Ka, Ford Mondeo, Mini, Peugeot 206, Renault Clio, Renault Megane, Vauxhall Astra, Vauxhall Corsa, Vauxhall Zafira and Volkswagen Golf.

MOT failure rates

MOT failure rates have long been a well-kept secret, but figures showing the vehicles that most frequently pass - and fail - the test were recently made public (**).

The MOT is the annual test of road-worthiness that all cars must pass once they are three years old and is an indicator of a cars' reliability.

According to the findings, some of the country's best-selling cars are failing their very first MOT, despite being just a few years old, and for popular cars first used in 2004 and tested in 2007, the worst performer is the Renault Megane which had the highest failure rate at 28.1 per cent.

This was followed by the Vauxhall Corsa in second position with a failure rate of 24.7 per cent and the Ford Mondeo at 21.8 per cent.

At the other end of the scale, best performer is the Ford Fiesta which had the lowest failure rate of just 15.6 per cent, putting it just ahead of the Ford Focus at 18 per cent and the Vauxhall Astra at 18.4 per cent. (See: How the car you drive affects the insurance premium you pay.)

Motor insurance premiums

Car insurance premiums have been climbing for months, and new research shows motorists renewing policies now face the largest annual hikes ever recorded, with the average insurance premium now standing at £564.69 - a 19.6 per cent increase from January 2009 (***); the main factors fuelling these increases are the rising cost of personal injury claims and fraud.

While premiums may well be rising, the make and model of the car being insured also plays a significant role in determining the price of your policy.

If you compare the average premiums for "all customers" over the whole of 2009, the most expensive model to insure is the Vauxhall Corsa with a policy costing £818.22, followed by the Renault Clio at £766.45 and then the Volkswagen Golf at £753.99. (****)

If you don't fancy forking out quite so much on your car cover, the cheaper options include the Vauxhall Zafira at £379.29, the Ford Mondeo at £431.64 and the Renault Megane at £459.81. (****).

Road tax rates

Road tax - or Vehicle Excise Duty - has to be paid to acquire a licence for most types of vehicles if they are to be legally used on public roads, and, since 2001, rates have been determined by CO2 emissions and type of fuel used.

Based on the rates effective from April 2010, the most expensive cars to tax are those which fall into "band I" - including the Ford Mondeo and the Vauxhall Zafira - where the cost is £110 for six months or £200 for 12 months.

The cheapest cars to tax are those that fall into "band F," and these include the Vauxhall Corsa, the Ford Ka, the Peugeot 206 and the Ford Fiesta, where the cost is £68.75 for six months and £125 for 12 months.

Winners and losers

With so many factors to take into consideration, buying a new car is certainly not a decision to take lightly.

The Renault Megane, for example, is the most likely to fail its first MOT, and while it's among the cheaper models to insure, it is middle of the table for road tax.

The Vauxhall Corsa and Renault Clio also fare badly overall, with high rates of MOT failure and high car insurance premiums.

At the other end of the scale, the Ford Focus is a good performer in the MOT test, and appears at the cheaper end of the insurance tables for both insurance and road tax.

The Ford Fiesta also has one of the lowest MOT failure rates and is one of the cheapest models to tax, while the Vauxhall Astra is a top performer in the MOT test, and while it's middle of the table to insure, it's cheap to tax.

At the end of the day, you need to ask yourself whether any one of these factors alone are enough to sway your decision, as the MOT figures, for example, give no allowance for mileage or usage, while the price of an insurance policy depends not only on the make and model, but also on other risk factors, such as your age.

The key is to shop around when purchasing a new car so you can be sure of making an informed decision.

(*) The 12 most popular models are based on the 12 most-tested cars - those with more than 20,0000 MOTs in 2007 - source: BBC.

(**) The Vehicle and Operator Services Agency ( had resisted publishing the league tables saying the figures might be misleading and could breach commercial confidentiality, but the statistics were eventually released following a Freedom of Information (FoI) request by the BBC.

(***) Independent market research firm, Consumer Intelligence; this research is used by the the Office of National Statistics for its Retail Price Index.

(****) data
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Article Writing Tips - Accelerating your Article Writing

Need lots of articles but have limited time to spend in front of your computer? No worries! You can still produce more articles in as little as 2-3 hours as long as you know how to speed up the whole process. Getting your articles done in less time will work to your advantage. I am pretty sure that you can make use of the time you save in doing other things that you consider important.

Here's what you need to do:

First, choose those topics that will not need extensive research. Go with those ones that you're very familiar with. However, you need to make sure that your topics are those that are being sought for by your target audience otherwise; your efforts in writing your articles will just go down the drain. To make it easier and well-guided, I suggest that you consider the needs of your audience and the main reasons why you're writing your articles. This should help you pick the best topics to write.

2. Get comfortable in writing your articles. Get used to writing your articles the faster way. This can happen through constant practice and by exerting conscious effort in mastering the whole process. Identify the roadblocks that slow you down and determine how you can quickly overcome them. For example, if you type less than 30 words per minute, you can overcome this by simply improving your keyboarding skills.

3. Proper planning. Think of the things that you would like to discuss on your articles. Decide on the angle that you would like to target. Create an outline that contains detailed information that you'll cover on your articles. Review your outline and make sure that it will help you create an informative article and a content that will flow smoothly.

4. Eliminate distractions. Concentrate on your articles when it's your time to write. Even if it sounds difficult, try not to entertain unrelated thoughts. Also, tell everybody around you not to disturb you in a nice way. Lastly, be disciplined enough and resist the temptation of surfing the net and socializing with your friends through social networking sites.

5. Create an outline. Creating an outline will surely speed up the whole process. This must contain a tentative title, information you're going to discuss on your introduction, at least 3 major points that you would like to discuss, and idea on how you'll end your articles. This will act as a guide and all you need to do is to fill in some words and information and you'll be able to put a great content before you even know it.

6. Write your articles. Now that you have an outline, writing an article will become relatively easy. All you need to do is to follow your outline, expound on the major points that you've listed using short paragraphs, and end it with a very short conclusion. No matter how fast you think and type, you will still spend quite a lot of time writing a single article if you're trying to put together 1,000-2,000 words. What I recommend is to keep your articles short to save some time. What I do is I produce 250-word articles that I can finish in minutes.

7. Turn off your internal editor. You can't write, review, and edit your articles all at the same time as this can disrupt your train of thoughts. Allow yourself to commit mistakes while in the process of putting your ideas into writing. Then, edit once your articles are done. Believe me, this process can save you enormous time.

8. Write when you're energized. Don't even try to tap on your keyboard when you're tired or sleepy because no matter what you do, you're not going to be able to finish one article. Well, even if you do, I'm pretty sure that it's going to be lousy. Write first thing in the morning when you feel energized or when your creative juices are flowing smoothly.

9. Spend the last minutes remaining in proofreading and editing your articles.
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Spanish Holidays Go International

The Spanish tourist offices have recently started to put more effort into targetting potential visitors from emerging markets, in particular India and China. Often the term ‘emerging market' is associated with other terms like manufacturing, balance of trade, production, imports and exports. Now we can add tourism as a term associated with emerging markets.

Not that tourism boards have neglected reaching out to potential new clients in the past. From Europe to the United States to South America and Asia, tourist industries were and are keen to attract bigger markets.

But for the first time, Spain has established a Spanish tourism office in Mumbai, India. The goal is to establish Spain as a tourist destination among Indian holidaymakers - and Spanish islands like Ibiza and Menorca could benefit this year as first time holidaymakers arrive.

The opening of the Mumbai office follows on the heels of the merger between British Airways and Iberia Airlines. Part of the strategic plan is to establish Barajas Airport in Madrid as an international hub facility. This will enable more direct flights to Barajas from Europe. More importantly for the immediate future, direct flights can be slotted in from India as well. It doesn't take a great leap of imagination to conclude that the same strategy will be employed in regard to China down the road.

Spain has had to face setbacks in recent years. Like the rest of the world, the 9/11 attacks on New York City sent all travel into a tailspin. Not only did leisure travel suffer, but business travel did as well. As things gradually returned to some semblance of normality, Spain took another hit. Spain's subway system was the target by terrorists on two occasions. Once again the effect was a slow down of tourist traffic.

But the Spanish government and its people are nothing if not resilient. With so much to offer in terms of culture, art, relaxation, natural beauty, shopping and cuisine, the tourist board is determined to make the entire country a holiday destination unique from the rest of Europe. And why not? With hundreds of regional and national parks, tremendous mountain ranges, hundreds of miles of inviting beachfront, stunning architecture and a seemingly unending array of sports and cultural offerings, one would be hard pressed not to find an idyllic way to spend holidays.

Attracting an upscale clientele should be an easy sell for the Mumbai office. Menorca's sister islands of Majorca and Ibiza have already become favourite stops for both the lesser known wealthy tourists and celebrities from all over the world. From fashion to nightlife, from penultimate accommodations to world class cuisine, Majorca and Ibiza with their combination of glitz and elegance are ‘go to' places for the rich and famous.

It could mean a boost for those who rent out their Ibiza villas for holidays privately, as well as those companies who specialise in Ibiza villa holidays

And as the Balearics are visited, so Menorca will be considered as well for those with families, who prefer the peace and quiet the island offers, and enquiries will soon translate into people taking holidays in Menorca.

Add to that some of the other Spanish islands like Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, it really does emphasise how unique Spain is. Lanzarote with its sublime beaches and captivating surfing venues has much to offer, especially in the winter when people visit because of the good Lanzarote weather.

The Spanish tourism industry is going all out to secure a substantial share of the emerging market tourist trade. And while they are focusing in the short term on India and China, the world tourist board recently identified the top 10 emerging market countries that will undoubtedly be wooed as well. They include, in addition to India and China, Montenegro, Croatia, the Republic of Congo, Vietnam, Romania, Namibia, Hong Kong and Chad.

Clearly there is an enormous potential for tourism within these emerging markets. Certainly Spain is not alone in desiring to gain as much of this market as possible. As they unroll their three-year strategy, it is also clear that they are doing everything they can to highlight the uniqueness of their country. Don't be surprised if you are going to Menorca, Majorca or Ibiza this year to see a few more Indian and Chinese tourists discovering holiday delights.
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Broadband Access - Monaco Hits A Hundred Per Cent

Northern Europe's top tax haven Monaco is known throughout the world as a country that has it all - glamour, money, security, the most famous casino in the world and more millionaires per thousand of population than anywhere else.

There's also the fact that Monaco real estate is the highest priced in the world, frequent comfortable bus transport is just a Euro a journey, and has the best Grand Prix in the world too, run each May around the streets of Monte Carlo.

But not content with style and tradition, Monaco has just been named as the country with the best broadband for her people in the world, showing that the tax haven is not just moving with the times, but welcoming new technology and embracing the new opportunities it affords.

Over 40 per cent of Monaco households have and use broadband, while broadband is available to every property in the Principality - the second smallest country in the world after the Vatican.

Part of the reason for the hundred per cent coverage of broadband in Monaco could well be because of her size - just a square mile. There are few houses in Monaco, with nearly everyone living in an apartment building, which means in simple terms making broadband to all is inexpensive compared to rural areas with remote farmhouses and communities with a sparse population, where installation of broadband would be expensive and probably done at a loss if undertaken by a private company with no government subsidy.

But the ease of installation of broadband in somewhere like Monaco shouldn't necessarily be seen as why there's a hundred per cent availability for her citizens - while steeped in tradition Monaco under the leadership of Prince Albert is one of the world's most forward thinking countries, and welcoming new technology is part of that outlook.

An example of Monaco's forward thinking is that there is a first class bus service in the Principality that runs on time and regularly, cutting down the number of people who need to drive to work or for the shops. And in a country where's there a higher density of millionaires than anyone else it isn't expensive - one Euro.

And when it comes to the environment, low cost bus fares to encourage people out of cars onto public transport isn't the only environmental policy being pursued - Prince Albert has visited both the North and South Poles to highlight global warming, and in meetings with other world leaders puts the environment and climate change at the top of the agenda.

The oceans have always been important to the Grimaldi family who have ruled Monaco for centuries, and Prince Albert is no exception when it comes to protecting the seas. Blue fin tuna has been voluntarily taken off the menu by all the restaurants and hotels in Monaco.

So Monaco is able to mix a concern and real action on the environment with a financial environment where the Monaco banks are sought after by the world's wealthy, is a mecca for gamblers with the world famous casino, broadband for everyone, and one of the greatest sporting spectacles in the world at each May's Monaco Grand Prix - preparations are already underway for example for the 2011 Monaco Grand Prix

In a recent poll of British sports fans, the Monaco Grand Prix was voted the top sporting event outside the UK. The event had 18 percent of the vote, beating both the Olympics and the famed Barcelona event at Camp Nou stadium. Formula One established itself formally on the international race circuit in 1946. The first Monaco Grand Prix was ran in 1948. It was won by Nino Farina, the future world champion, driving a Maserati.

And just as the Monaco Grand Prix is world class, when it comes to broadband and new technology it's number one in the world for individuals and businesses alike.
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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rafting the Colorado River Will Be the Ride of Your Life

First discovered by Spanish conquistadors in the early fifteen hundreds, the Colorado River is most well known for carving out the Grand Canyon; one of the most spectacular natural landscapes in the United States. The river has humble beginning in Rocky Mountain National park and winds through 5 states on its way to the Pacific Ocean via California. This long trek consists of huge canyons, relentless rapids, unforgettable terrain, amazing wildlife, and numerous dams. Most notably the Hoover dam controls much of the water flow and helped create many of the lakes in Arizona like Havassu and Mead.

If you are looking into rafting the Colorado River, the season typically is a little shorter than the main white water rafting season in Colorado. Dams releases control the flow and the season tends to start in July and runs through September. Home to the most epic ride of your life, Gore Canyon on the Colorado River is not for the faint of heart. Only experienced rafters are allowed on this part of the Colorado River due speed and technical difficulty. While you may not have much time in the class IV and V rapids in the Gore Canyon to enjoy the wildlife and rich history, there are many other trips you can take on the Colorado River for a more relaxed adventure. These trips include float trips, inflatable kayak trips, and class III river trips. These adventures are much more suited for families and novice rafters. Regardless of the type of trip, expect your guide to be well informed, safety conscious, and respectful of the environment.

To take advantage of the Colorado River, you will need to stay near the actual river. The Colorado River is located on the western part of Colorado so accommodations in towns like Glenwood Springs, Aspen, Vail, Beavercreek, and even Grand Junction are ideal summer vacation spots. Colorado has a seemingly limitless amount of things to do in addition to whitewater rafting. Minimal rain and perfect temperatures make shopping, wine tastings, camping, hiking, mountain biking, and golf an excellent alternative to rafting.

Whether you are looking for a thrill ride or a relaxing float trip, rafting the Colorado River is guaranteed to be a trip you won't soon forget. The beauty of your surroundings, the peacefulness of nature, and a white knuckle ride through turbulent water, add to the trip of a lifetime. So what are you waiting for! Start planning for your next adventure today! Are your bags already packed and waiting? Mine sure are.
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How To Catch a Cheating Husband Using Reverse Cell Lookup Service

It is time for you to be more vigilant. If you have been suspecting that your husband is cheating on you and saw a mysterious mobile number keep appearing in your husband's cellular call log folder, even in the middle of the night, you should start investigating right now. Make use of a reverse cell lookup service to find who the person behind this suspicious number is.

Your husband may be pretending working very late frequently which he claimed to be but came back home with liquor smell quite often. At times, he also smells of perfume meant for women. You also saw strain of long hair stuck to the back of his inner shirt quite often too. Very frequently, you saw him on his mobile phone in the middle of the night at a corner of the room chatting secretly and always smiling on the phone. Then one day, you stumble upon the cellular number that has been frequently calling your husband in the middle of the night. With all these scenarios, do you start to suspect that your husband is cheating on you? You do not need to ponder over this question anymore. You can now make use of a reverse cell lookup service to find out who the mysterious caller is.

With the mysterious number, you could enter the phone number into the search features of a reverse cell lookup service. Making use of such service is not free but a small fee is required to get all the information you need to end your suspicion. This amount of money is definitely worth giving to end the stress you have to go through because of such suspicion.

The result you could get with the search consists of the following information.

• The name of the subscriber to the cellular phone number.

• The address of the subscriber.

• Other extra information such as the list of members of the above address.

With the above acquired data, you can do many things. You can choose to go to the residential address to find out who the subscriber to the mobile is. Maybe during the investigation, you could catch them red handed and there is no way that he could deny the affair. On the other hand, you may still treasure your relationship and wanted to give your husband a chance. You can use it to confront your husband or warn him that you are not a person to be trifled with. If you want to be on a safer side because you are still not confirm whether your suspicion is true, you may want to wait till the time is ripe after your thorough investigation is carried out. Whatever you decided to do, you could at least lessen the stress that you have gone through so far because of the suspicion.

Make use of the reverse cell lookup service today if you need to confirm your suspicion.
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Spooky Halloween Supplies to Make the Holiday Great

Though Halloween may not be just around the corner however it certainly isn't that far off and what better time to start thinking about accurately what you and your loved ones are going to wear? Some of the most effective costumes ever are the ones that are planned out in advance and intricately designed for the maximum scare ability. One method to know that you are going to have the outfit that you want is to order it on the net today and make certain that everything fits and is exactly what you want. Considering the Halloween accessories at will make you want to dress daily!

They have everything. Including:

• Candles

• Home Decor

• Animated Halloween Props

• Masks

• Costumes

• Accessories

• the list goes on and on!

You and your partner could go as a corpse bride and groom or sexy king and queen. Why not be jungle individuals? Hippies? Or even a fork and spoon! If you have a family that generally celebrates together why not go trick or treating as The Adams Family, Scooby Doo characters or members of the star wars cast? The choices are continous when you browse early and order today. Add details to these costumes with shoes, hair pieces, crowns, makeup and capes! It's really fun to have careful plans and implement them well by planning early.

Search for something a little more devilish? How about going as a zombie!? With the Halloween supplements available you won't be a run of the mill zombie. First opt the suitable outfits and mask then take bloody butcher shop props, knives, axes or even a sickle. Once you have your outfit designed, add blood to drizzle in opportune areas and be the best zombie on the block!

They as well have tons of Halloween props and accessories for your Halloween party. Beautify the outsite of your home with a dreadful hand door knocker, a skull wreath and some paper mache gargoyles to get your guest in the right mind set for what awaits them inside. Then get a skeleton punchbowl and give drinks in your skull cups, to your guests who can sit on your couch covered to resemble a casket.

The website also runs an ebay store so that you are able to bid on the items that you wish and get an even greater deal that the already wonderful ones offered on the site. Just click 'ebay store' at the top of the page in order to see a list of items offered there. Do not miss out on these deals!

Youths as well as children alike love Halloween so make this one extra special by purchasing the right Halloween items and costumes so that you are ready when the big day comes!
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Neuro-Linguistic Programming And How It Works

The study of the mind is a complex issue that requires lots of different methods that can yield many different results. There are hundreds of scientific methods available for doctors to choose from when studying the relationship between the mind and how a person behaves. Neuro-linguistic programming is a method that was invented in the 1970`s. While at first it was popular, soon lost its credentials as it failed to support what it claimed. Today, it is still used, but it is not widely shared as being helpful and supportive of scientific claims.

Neuro-lingustic programming is based on a model of interpersonal communication. And the relationship between patterns of behavior and experiences and reflected on patterns of thought. This system of alternative therapy is based on this and addresses people in self awareness and communication and is used to change mental and emotional behavior.

The study was performed by and based on the teachings of two doctors who believed in what they were saying and doing. They coined the phrases of neurological and behavior patterns and believed that people learned through behavior patterns learned from pre-programmed experiences.

It was first popular and promoted on its beliefs that it could effectively and quickly treat many patients suffering from certain mental disorders. These disorders include things like; phobias, depression, habit disorders and learning disorders. It was believed that these mental conditions were created through past learning beliefs and experiences. It was also considered a science of excellence because many people were trying it and at first speculating on great results.

However the fad soon passed, many experts felt that there wasn`t enough viable credentials and evidence to support all of the documents and claims that it had. It soon disappeared and become something only used by private practitioners and hypnotherapists who even claim to have their NLP training.

One powerful aspect of the NLP philosophy is based on the Meta Model. That makes a link between how a patient uses his or her words to describe situations and events. The doctor can use the person`s words to help them determine their own help and to determine their own course of action through a series of goals and intervention strategies.

The idea of NLP has been used in areas beyond the traditional mental help field. It has also been addressed in places such as interpersonal and communication classes that help to teach people effective communication techniques. This is especially helpful in careers such as sales, sports and business.

For people with a mental health concern, the idea of using their own words to figure out through a series of planned out thoughts and questions, why they have a certain condition, is an amazing idea. Through careful consideration and event, memory recall, they are able to figure out where the problem lies and try to fix it. Many doctors like the idea of using people`s words and communication styles to help solve the issues and plan out intervention strategies. It is often thought that this type of help is less intrusive and can yield faster results.

Many patients love the idea that NLP can help with overcoming self perceived and subjective problems using the power of their words. They like the idea that they can also use the skills they have within themselves to determine why they behave in a particular way and what they can do to overcome it.
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Different Types Of Water Solutions Used In Chemical Laboratories And Industries

There are different kinds of water solutions used intensively in industries and chemical labs today and many companies are providing them for other companies who need them. It so happens that each type of solution may vary in concentration and strength and different industries may demand for different types of such mixtures. Thus, it may be imperative to communicate with your supplier to discuss your specific needs. These chemical solutions would range from reagents in aqueous solutions to indicator solutions, each of which has different uses and different properties.

Perhaps one of the most widely used chemical solutions is buffer solutions. At the same time, they are the most naturally occurring solutions in nature. Did you know that seawater and blood are some of the best examples? Buffers are actually mixtures of a weak acid and its salt or a weak alkaline and its salt. An example is the mixture of acetic acid and sodium acetate. Buffer solutions are vitally important in controlling the pH range of the system where they are present. This pH control is important in many industrial applications that include manufacture of chemicals. In processes involving biochemical reactions, a limited pH range keeps such reactions at normal pace, whereas too much acidity or alkalinity could slow down or stop chemical reactions. Thus, buffer solutions are important in fermentation process and in pH measurement.

Another kind of water solution is indicator solution, also known as acid-base indicators. These are actually solutions of weak acid or weak base and are used to determine whether a solution is alkaline or acid. However, most indicators work only within a particular range of pH. The common indicator solutions include thymol blue, methyl orange, bromthymol blue, phenolphthalein, and bromphenol blue. These solutions are basically used in analytical chemistry when titrations are needed, during which a color change can indicate the alkalinity or acidity.

Standard solutions are another type of laboratory solutions used in titrations. The importance of these solutions comes from their determined concentration which is basically ideal in appropriate measurements of the presence of a substance or solute in a solution. Standard solutions are expressed in their normality or molarity. Substances used include acids like acetic acid, sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid in aqueous solution; bases like potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide; and salts like potassium chloride, calcium chloride, and ammonium sulfate. Since the standard solution has a known amount of a substance, this can be used to determine the precise amount of another substance during chemical analysis. For example, if you have a solution of sodium hydroxide whose concentration you need to determine, a standard solution of hydrochloric acid may be used. By computing the amount of HCI needed to neutralize the solution, the amount of NaOH will then be calculated.

Aqueous solutions may also include percentage solutions, which are more comprehensible to people with little knowledge in chemistry than molar solutions. A percentage solution may refer to the proportion of the mass of solute to the mass of solvent. Nevertheless, there may be differences. For instance, percentage may mean volume to volume ratio or, in some cases, mass to volume ratio. However, the use of volume may not yield accurate measurements in thermodynamics, since volume changes with temperature and pressure. In any case, percentage solutions are used to determine the amount of solute present in the solution. This is relevant during chemical analyses and computations.

There are also conductivity standard solutions manufactured by water companies for their own use or for other companies' utilization. Conductivity standards are important in testing pure water quality, which involves a test to determine the electric conductivity of water. Such conductivity standard solutions contain potassium chloride (KCI). Since the aim of any analytical measurement is accuracy, standardized solutions are deemed necessary in preparation and testing of chemicals.
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Medical Negligence Insurance

Medical malpractice insurance is an insurance that allows doctors, nurses and other health professionals to safeguard themselves against the threat of medical malpractice lawsuits. All professionals in the healthcare sector are likely to be required to have medical negligence insurance policies, so that in the case of their being sued for malpractice they are not personally required to foot the bill. Insurance of this type covers all healthcare services that they carry out in the United Kingdom, in case anything goes wrong that they could potentially be sued for. All professionals have their own insurance, as it is likely that at some point in their career they will have to protect themselves against such claims.

Because the healthcare sector is widening to include alternative therapies all these workers are now required to have medical malpractice insurance. In herbal medicine, for example, a patient could have an allergic reaction and blame the herbalist for it, and if there was no malpractice insurance already in place the person that had administered the treatment would be left extremely vulnerable. Because consumers are becoming increasingly litigious, such insurance is now seen as a requirement. If the medical malpractice insurance is in place the healthcare worker can be assured that they will be given a great deal of help if they are sued, and that they will have access to the best lawyers and legal team. This is possible because taking out the insurance is likely to mean that they will be safe up to a few million pounds.
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How to Avoid Four Surefire Ways to Kill Your Brand

There are no guarantees of success when developing a modern brand. There is no switch that will pour out money, there are no stunts that will automatically create attention, and there is no how-to manual that, if assiduously followed, will assure your brand's place in the annals of the great Internet legends. Brands are driven as much by the customer as they are by the originator, and the customer doesn't always want what's being sold.

That said there are certain behaviors and practices that are guaranteed to kill a brand, virtually without fail. There are always exceptions to the rule, but by and large you can at least count on these 'do nots' as fairly ironclad rules. What follows are four ways you can miss the point, and some advice for avoiding them.

Misfire #1 - Number Chasing

This may feel like a complete turnaround from previous articles. After all, we've discussed metrics and their usefulness in measuring success, haven't we? Surely the larger an audience the better a brand is doing.

The problem with this logic is that it confuses the goal with the measurement. Instead of focusing on satisfying customer demands for particular content or a certain product quality, the company focuses on making sure web traffic stays high. This kind of thinking disconnects you from the actual cause-and-effect of working on the product you're pitching, and creates an artificial reality that will do your brand no good.

As a rule of thumb for avoiding this behavior, consider the way you set goals. If you find the goal focusing on increasing audience numbers or some abstract figure instead of refining your core product, it's time to re-evaluate.

Misfire #2 - Going by Rote

Part of maintaining a modern brand is providing regular content. Updating frequently enough to maintain viewer interest is vital for any service, and making sure the physical product is advertised for the public's awareness is equally important if sales are the goal.

That said, there is a problem inherent in a scheduled updating system that can sneak into the provider's routine. Specifically we're speaking of the tendency to update without purpose. You see it frequently on twitter or certain blogs, where the provider is strapped for ideas and just posts a bit of airy, fluffy filler because 'it's time to post.' While this does meet the customer's expectation, this can work against you, as it leaves a bit of the 'what was the point?' question in their minds.

Instead, consider missing out a day if you genuinely don't have content to provide. It happens, there are slow days for everyone. Missing the routine for a day will give you time to pull up some new content, and when the audience chimes in and sees there isn't an update, they'll be curious and more likely to check back the next time.

Misfire #3 - Fadding Out

The difference between a movement and a fad is that a fad sits on the surface of things, changing very little; whereas a movement alters the very basics of how the world functions. 'Virtual Reality' was a fad. People hyped it up, but there was no way the majority of people were going to shell out thousands for VR systems and their ten-pound headsets. Twitter is a movement, having developed a broad appeal and fundamentally changed the way people think about spreading information.

We have spoken of the need for innovation and the ability to take risks in brand development, and these things are still true. However, how innovative is it to jump on board something someone else has created? Instead of following the trends, focus on what your brand needs and how it functions. If adding in an element makes sense, do so without hesitation. If you have to force it, forget it.

Misfire #4 - Losing Focus

At this point it's virtually ancient history, but there is a lesson for modern brand development in the Video Game Crash of the 1980s. The short of it is that every single company worth mentioning decided video games were the future, and opened up a video game division. They launched these efforts without any serious dedication to the craft of game design, and some succeeded while others failed. The most bizarre entrant was Quaker Oats, the people that make oatmeal. The result was a complete disaster.

What business would an oatmeal company have making games? On the surface, any business they desired. Perhaps it was always their secret passion, who knows? However, they lacked any serious experience in the venture, and you probably can't find ten people out of a thousand who remember what game or games they put out.

Focus on your message. This ties in with the idea of fads, but warrants its own point. If you have to stretch yourself or come up with a new department to accommodate a new idea, it's time to sit down and decide just how essential this idea is to your core message.
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Create Energy With Solar Heating Panels

A solar panel is an interconnected assembly of photovoltaic cells that are used to generate electricity from sunlight. The solar panels use photons which is the light energy from the sun to generate energy from the sun through the photovoltaic effect. Depending on the type of grids the number of solar panels that are installed at a particular place differs and more electricity is generated if more panels are in place.

Most of us when we hear of the solar heating panel we think of just one use and this is to heat water but you will be surprised to know that there are many other uses that these panels can be used for. You will be surprised to know that most of our energy bills are due to heating water and if we can find an alternative way of doing it which is clean and environmental friendly it will help us save quite a bit on our bills. The alternative that all of us must be looking at is solar energy.

It is not just individual houses that are looking at this wonderful source of energy as good and viable alternative but housing societies and small business have also opted for it. The size of the solar panel will vary depending on the nature of use. Once installed the solar panels would require little or no maintenance and you can be assured of a continuous supply of energy over the years.

Solar panels are very easy to install and tube collectors which is part of the solar heating system can be used for the purpose of heating in all types of climate. The evacuated tube collectors help in retaining the heat which is a major factor. The entire process works on the basis of absorbing solar energy by these tube collectors which has water in it and this water gets heated. The heated water is then transferred to storage tanks. The heat so generated is taken to the heat exchanger which is made of copper coils and is situated in the storage tanks.

A number of small business houses are making the switch from the conventional forms of energy to solar energy as the long term prospects of this energy are extremely good. They do not have to worry about the source of energy as it is a renewable form of energy which is found in abundance all over the world. The biggest advantage though is that it will help you save a large amount on your energy bills. The commercial advantages of using the solar heating panel is making even big business houses look at it as a great alternative.

You will not just be saving your energy bills but also help your planet stay green as there are no harmful effects of generating energy from solar power. It is one of the most clean and environmental friendly energy sources that have vast potential. The solar heating panels can be installed easily by following the instructions in the manual. Install your solar heating panel and be assured of clean source of energy for eternity.
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Ring in the Holidays with Seafood Platters

Spending quality time with friends and family is what the holidays are really all about. Well, that and food. Nothing brings people together and makes a gathering special like a good spread. Unlike Thanksgiving, where it is a requirement to serve turkey with its' normal accompaniments, holiday menu options are only as limited as your imagination.
That being said, traditional foods can be a true comfort. For me, Christmas is all about my mom's peanut butter and Hershey's Kiss cookies. For George Baxevanis, owner of Fisherman's Quarters II - a family restaurant in Asheville, NC, it's all about seafood.

Bringing the Coast to the Mountains with Seafood Platters

For more than 10 years, George has provided Western North Carolina with family-style Calabash seafood.
"Our seafood platters are very popular," says George. "People like a variety. Large platters are great for parties or family gatherings and make it easy to serve dinner buffet/family style."

Classic Holiday Shrimp Cocktail

Shrimp cocktail is a classic any time of the year. You can prep the shrimp yourself or buy them already peeled and cleaned. If you don't buy them pre-cooked, you can cook them the night before and leave them in the refrigerator until you're ready to serve. Shrimp becomes tough if boiled too long and poaching is a preferred-cooking method. Some chefs insist on peeling and deveining the shrimp after it has been cooked as this helps maintain the curved shape and prevents butter flying.
When you're ready to serve, use a deep serving tray filled with ice and place the shrimp on top. Add cocktail sauce and for a festive twist, cut limes instead of lemons (to complete the holiday color scheme) and you've got an easy appetizer that will feed a lot of people and leave your stove free for other tasks.

Holiday "Raw Bar" Platter

The addition of raw clams and oysters, along with other chilled seafood like smoked fish, takes a shrimp cocktail platter to a whole other level. For instance, the winter months are stone crab season in Florida. If you can get your hands on stone crab, this delicacy is a welcome addition to a raw bar style-seafood platter. Like shrimp cocktail, raw clams, oysters and chilled seafood are best served over ice. For a truly extravagant experience include champagne and caviar. This would be perfect for New Year's Eve!

Steamed Seafood Platter

Guests who have just come in from the cold might be more appreciative of hot food and a platter of steamed seafood is sure to warm their spirits. Steamed shrimp and clams are great with drawn butter. Tell your guests to leave their nice clothes at home or provide bibs so you can dive into some peel and eat shrimp or crab legs. Garnish a heaping platter of steamed crab legs with kale for the ultimate holiday centerpiece.

Southern Comfort - Calabash Style

Calabash-style seafood is the epitome of comfort food. If you want to be sure you won't have leftovers, serve popcorn shrimp. Soft shelled crab, scallops, clams and oysters are also all crowd pleasers, especially when served with tartar or cocktail sauce.
Just about any whitefish is delicious fried and fried fish dinners are a tradition among many families. Different breading mixtures and frying techniques can impart a variety of flavors to your favorite fresh fish.
Calabash is about abundance and variety so pick your favorite seafood to create a personalized Calabash platter. For a gourmet touch try different recipes for the all important dipping sauces.
If cooking for a smaller crowd or preparing a more intimate dinner, look for seafood recipes from your favorite chefs or cookbooks to incorporate seafood into your holiday menu.
For example, Clams Casino and Oysters Rockefeller also make great appetizers and Oyster Dressing complements meat dishes as an alternative to stuffing.
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Borrowing When You Have A Bad Credit Score

If you have bad credit you can still find a loan. Many lenders offer up to $15,000 on their Web sites, for secured no, and even for loans under $1000 for which they don't actually run a credit check. While you're probably going to want to avoid the latter if you can (more than likely payday loans or will take your car title as collateral and charge exorbitant interest rates) the options are many for a bad credit loan.

You can also find a bad credit mortgage loan as well, even though you'll undoubtedly end up paying a higher rate of interest. This might even save you some money, if you're refinancing your home to secure a lower interest rate than you already have, or if you are using it for debt consolidation and the rate offered is lower than the credit cards you're now trying to get out from under.

What you'll typically need to apply for a bad credit loan isn't all that different than any other situation. You have to prove your income, your expenses, your assets, your liabilities, and indicate what you are going to be using the money for and why the amount is accurate that you're requesting. Don't be frivolous or vague about the use of the money borrowed, and don't ask for more than you can clearly show you need. A lender who is considering your bad credit loan and sees you still being foolish with your money may well turn you down, and rightly so.

While in years and decades past, the loan officer's decision involved a lot of lengthy paperwork and manual calculations and verification, it is so computerized now that your bad credit loan decision could be almost instantaneous, even if you are applying at the lending institution in person.

The first place the loan officer is going to go is to one of the major credit reporting bureaus for your credit score. Don't panic. Be upfront - you have bad credit. There are lenders who specialize in a bad credit loan and they won't be shocked and you needn't be embarrassed. Honest is what's called for if you want that bad credit loan. What the lender looks at is if you paid your utilities on time, if you have had instances of having to be sent to collection agencies and if they were resolved, if you've had a home foreclosed on or a car repossessed and if there are charge-offs on your record. Bankruptcy is another important issue, and be sure you disclose this to the potential lender.

If the loan officer determines that the amount of the bad credit loan, based on what your income is as compared with your expenses, is more than you're going to be able to pay back, that doesn't mean you won't get the loan. She or he may suggest borrowing a lesser amount, or even extending the term of the loan so that you'll be paying longer but less each month. Keep in mind, however, that the longer the term of a bad credit loan, with its higher interest rate, the more costly it becomes in the long run.
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Biography of a "Precedent"

Precedent = "an action or decision that can be used subsequently as an example for a similar decision or to justify a similar action". (Encarta dictionary). By this definition a precedent is defined by the use it is put to in order to establish the case of ‘similarity". Preceding, of course, means simply ‘coming before".
John the Baptist came before Jesus Christ. John was a prophet with a vision. When he first caught sight of the Messiah he knew immediately that here was a Man with a superior vision "the latches of whose shoes, I am not worthy to loose". He understood rightly that the man of vision is the man of destiny. Napoleon, Abraham Lincoln, the Buddha, Mozart, Charles Chaplin, William Blake, Rembrandt, Stravinsky, Louis Armstrong, Newton, Van Gogh, Picasso and so on, were all men of destiny, thrown up by the collective mind of Mankind to express great spiritual truths and elevate consciousness one rung further up the evolutionary ladder. ‘Greatness' is defined by a person's ability to do just that, to express a vision that has been given to them. We call them geniuses. Many of them suffer abominably for their vision because they usually run afoul of the establishment in one way or another. Galileo and Columbus, to name two of the better known, had it all to do. Others were hurried to the stake or the executioner's hatchet.
If The Baptist on meeting Jesus proceeded to pick his brains to find out what his vision was and then handed the Messiah over to the Romans to be crucified before His time so that he could take over His mantel as the Redeemer, faking miracles and concocting his own version of the Sermon on The Mount etc, the sad fact is he would have had many to follow him. Why? Because, he would have fulfilled a need. You would however have to say the man was motivated by jealousy and the greed for glory and power. And if the truth was never discovered John would very likely be worshipped today by millions who know no better, assuming of course that he would have seen ‘his' calling through to the bitter end, an unlikely but no means impossible scenario. Why should his success be so plausible? Because the vision of Jesus embodied moral precedents that are to be found in other religions including Buddhism and Platonism. His vision was born of ‘precedents' that most Christian believe were strewn ahead of Him like the palm leaves before Him as he rode into Jerusalem shortly before his execution. The Old Testament for believer and unbeliever alike is nothing but a Book of Precedents many of which are called prophecies. He Himself, as the long-awaited Redeemer, had ‘precedents' as there were many bogus Messiahs running around Judea in those days even before He was ‘born'. The God-Man myth was a mainstay of the Old Testament religion Jesus had been born into. The Roman emperors were all considered gods just as the ancient Pharaohs had been. The power of Jesus' vision lay in the message of truth He was born not just to deliver but to embody. John would have been clever enough to know this as it is stated and had enough savvy to ‘source' the relevant texts in order to bolster the ‘vision' of their Embodiment that had never been his destiny. You would have to say that such a man was Satan himself who was a "liar and a thief from the beginning". (Jesus). To steal a vision that was never yours is to steal a man's destiny. That is the work of the Devil.
Stealing a vision ironically has less weight in a court of law than stealing passages of text verbatim for instance, even if the passages are of a great deal less significance to the derived work than the fundamental ideas that subsequently endowed it with success. Let us consider how you could do it.
Let's imagine you are a failed artist living in the South of France, the Midi, and one afternoon you come across Vincent Van Gogh painting in the fields. You strike up a conversation with him and he takes you back to his little house in Arles to show you his canvases. You are smitten. This work is new, exciting and original and you know, better than Van Gogh ever did or could, what they might be worth in the market if and when they ever took off. You visit him often and get to know him. He is flattered by you appreciation of his paintings and tells you all, even shows you how he mixes his paints, what colours and brushes and media he uses, what stages he employs, how he goes about transferring his sketches to canvas. He even, under the influence of the cognac you have ladled him with, lets you into his biggest secret - that he gets many of his visual ideas from engravings he finds in English newspapers.
You know now how good, how very good, it all is. You want it. You have to have it. Now that you have his ‘master idea' and all the other information you need, you immediately set about to plagiarize his work. As you are a painter yourself, of no great shakes let it be said, you know you can, with a little practice, raise your game to emulate the master. You readily discern the various tricks he did not tell you, little touches and techniques he had slaved into the wee hours to perfect. You just have no vision, that's all; never had a vision and knew you never could get one either, even if you had the brains, because you are not The Chosen One that characterizes the man of destiny. You have no vision because you are not Vincent Van Gogh. But you can pretend to be, just like John The Baptist in the above illustration; and who is going to know the difference if they have not met the original? Your envy for him turns to hatred that in turn overrides whatever admiration you might ever have felt for him. He's a ‘nut' you conclude as the villagers said and as Gauguin was heard screaming as he made for the train. A reprobate who never left the drinking halls and the whore houses. No matter, you soon learn to paint in his style and the same subject matter as well and buy the same English newspapers to copy the engravings. You hide yourself away in a little village near Paris to wait your chance. You prepare your biography in between times that you know you will need. You make yourself visible everywhere as the threadbare artist slaving over his work, a man who looks like he cannot afford the next meal and must frequent bars and coffee houses in order to keep warm. Above all, a real artist dedicated to his work! The fact that you could never sell a single one of your own paintings is a truth you find easy to hide. Indeed the persistent thought of it drives you on. You'll show the bastards if it is the last thing you do!
When you learn that Vincent has been carted off to the insane asylum you seize your chance. You run off to Paris with your canvases and get a high-flying gallery to show ‘your' work. You are an instant success. You concoct stories to the press about what a rough upbringing you had and how you have suffered for your art. Reporters who make their way to the village where you had your atelier come back with tales, some true and some false, but all of which substantiate your romantic story. Your revolutionary painterly passion you explain comes from the guilt you have harboured for years because you felt somehow responsible for the death of your twin brother at birth. Why should you have lived and not him? You must justify your existence. You weep in public. The public weep in private as these diabolical lies of yours come hot off the press. Your parents are dead and your only sister is told to avoid the press whatever the cost. She has debts. She is happy to oblige for the financial help you lavish upon her. In press interviews, you turn out as many phrases as you can remember about what Vincent told you about his stint with the miners up in Belgium and how you had tried to help them even to the extent of going without food yourself. You know nobody is going to check, and even if they did, how could they ever prove you were not there? And those who remember Vincent may well think you are him. You remember the artists Vincent admired, Millet, Dorē, Rembrandt and you cite them as ‘influences'. Your favourite writer is Charles Dickens. He is English; you are French. It shows the world how cosmopolitan you are and even if you have only a few phrases of English it will suffice to get you through. You remember in particular the insightful phrases the late Vincent used about his work, phrases such as…..

• "A good picture is equivalent to a good deed."
• "As we advance in life it becomes more and more difficult, but in fighting the difficulties the inmost strength of the heart is developed."
• "Conscience is a man's compass."
• "Great things are done by a series of small things brought together."
• "How can I be useful, of what service can I be? There is something inside me, what can it be? "(courtesy of

Your words of wisdom are quoted in art books, newspapers and journals. You even remember the titles of the books that had influenced ‘your source', the various philosophers and writers who gave him inspiration. You tell reporters you even lived in England for a period even though you had never set foot in the place in your life. They are hungry for facts about your upbringing and early life because they believe, like everybody else, that you are a man of destiny. Your work speaks for itself. It brings pleasure and spiritual delight to all who see it. The gullible buy into your monstrous fabrication as you knew they would. You are famous. You are hailed as a genius and experts, who, as always, believe they know a thing or two about art and can tell the ‘real' thing when they see it, applaud the incredible influence you have made in the art world and the world of culture in general. You even reach the point of believing you are a genius yourself. You have taken the mad Dutchman's art further than he could ever have dreamt possible. Actually, you haven't. Dealers and critics have done that for you. As for the vacuous parodies of a style of painting you did not invent, the real Van Gogh would have vomited over them at your feet. You are festooned with medals and honours, with honorary degrees and a Papal knighthood. You can have anything you want or ever wanted and are not a bit shy of saying so as you PR people instruct you. In the darkness, before you sleep, you console yourself with the notion that ‘everybody steals from everybody else in the art world and that Van Gogh probably picked the brains of Gauguin who had stayed with him for a while in Arles. Van Gogh was just a bad Impressionist, that's all. There are ‘precedents' to his style that are glaringly obvious in the work of Millet; and the Midi was not his private stomping ground either even if he was the first to try and paint it. Anybody can paint there. It's a free world. To hell with him! Who did he think he was anyway? Me? He was a lamentable failure. I am a success! And if he hadn't been so fond of brandy he would not have killed himself either. Nothing to do with me. They're not pinning that one on me. My conscience is clear!' But you know all that has an empty ring to it. You never had a conscience to begin with or you would not have committed your heinous crime against another artist, a man indeed who trusted you with his innermost secrets.
Still, the richer and more famous you become the more frightened you get of the truth coming out. ‘Precedents' or no ‘precedents' you know you premeditatedly usurped another man's life, work and destiny. And so you hire lawyers and others to punish ruthlessly anybody who casts doubt on the origins of your 'masterpieces'. They advise you that the more people you punish the stronger you will be. Even reputable newspapers will back off asking awkward questions. You get a reputation for being tough and soon nobody dares even print one of your paintings, not even as a postcard, without your permission. You are king of your monopoly.
When you learn that Vincent Van Gogh upon hearing of your success shot himself to death in a fit of despair, you rejoice. The final threat has been removed. The heat is off. You can relax to enjoy your ill-gotten gains. But you gradually realize that you can only sleep in one bed as before, wear one pair of shoes and one suit as before, return to eating more or less the same food you have been used to all your life, that the rain still makes you wet if you try to walk through it without an umbrella and your ‘friends' are only your ‘friends' because you give them gifts. Indeed, you are still the same person you were before you got famous, only now you are twice as miserable.
And then one fateful day, a niece of Vincent's is told by his landlord to come and "fetch his paintings from the house as the local kids are using them to make tents and it would a shame to see them go to mending chicken houses and leaky roofs and the like, a fate that is inevitable if nobody collects them, as canvas is expensive in these parts". She goes there and steps into another world. The magical world of a vision that could only have been given to one man, and only one man, at a certain point in history. And she begins to think. There is something oddly familiar about it all. What if……?

Whether any of the above fiction or all of it is true or not will be seen when the Willy the Wizard case is heard in the High Court in London despite moves currently under way in the British press and media and on the internet to stop it. This author's contention is that the case has a right to be heard and all of us have a right to listen in the name of that most fundamental human right - the right to freedom of expression. He would also suggest that here is classic opportunity for Rowling to establish her right to "original creation" once and for all and she should seize it with gratitude instead of trying to stop it.
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Easy Virus Removal

Whether you are seeking computer repairs in Brisbane or Belgrade it's worth remembering, many computer problems aren't hardware related, they're infections. It happens to everyone. Somewhere you catch a bug. Call it a Trojan, a worm, spyware, malware, or a self-replicating virus, your Windows computer is infected. What are you going to do? Cleaning up an infected PC isn't as hard as you may think. It takes the right tools, a systematic approach, and time.

Run your antivirus program. Almost all of us have an antivirus program installed on our computers. But frequently we've let that program become out-of-date, or we've failed to renew an annual license. Assuming your infected PC can still go on-line, update your antivirus program immediately. Occasionally malware programs are written to deny you access to common antivirus sites. In that event, download updates using another PC, copy to a flashdrive, and install your updates manually. Don't run your antivirus program from the Windows desktop. Most antivirus programs will allow for a thorough boot-time scan, before loading your start-ups and processes. Reboot and run your program.

Antivirus programs aren't enough. So many forms of malware can infect your PC; specialty tools are usually needed to clean up an infection. There are literally hundreds of spyware removal programs, but some are little more than another form of malware. Download the free program Spybot Search & Destroy, the industry standard. After installation download current updates. Once you have Spybot S&D, go back online and download Lavasoft's Adaware, a respectable adware removal tool. Again, install and update. Reboot your computer in Safe Mode and run Adaware, then Spybot S&D. Restart your computer in normal mode.

Removing an infection doesn't always speed up your computer. A full recovery requires more. Download two more tools, Combofix, and CCcleaner. These free programs will help you to find those last bits of malware, and to restore your registry. First run Combofix, which automatically reboots your computer, then CCcleaner. Follow the suggestions made by the programs. At this point in most cases your PC should be disease free.

Whether you're seeking computer repairs in Brisbane or Botswana, virus removal may be the answer.
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