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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Academic Reforms in the Delhi University

Every University keeps on changing, restructuring and reforming its academic programmes and procedures and the Delhi University too make necessary reforms to help students. The academic processes constitute the core of the University. Among the millennium initiatives, the highest priority was attached to academic reforms. To strengthen teaching and learning, it became necessary to transform the very core of the academic processes, an evaluation system which depended entirely on annual examinations. In July 2003, the University introduced a system of internal assessment as an integral part of the evaluation system.

The internal assessment system comprised class tests, in-house examinations, written assignments, tutorials, project reports, term papers, seminars and fieldwork, and carried a total weight age of 25%. To make this elaborate evaluation system work according to laid down procedures and schedules, it was necessary to put in place certain critical structures, such as monitoring committees both at the College and at the University level.

In order to ensure that there were the requisite 180 teaching days every year, a six-day teaching week was re-introduced with effect from July 2003. Also, it was legislated that teaching would commence on July 16th and would end not earlier than March23rd. The system of tutorials was strengthened. Mentoring by teachers was institutionalized. A system of academic monitoring and supervision, and student-faculty committees was introduced essentially to ensure that the academic processes are organized effectively.

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