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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thinking Weight Gain during Pregnancy Weight Loss after Pregnanc

Weight Gain During Pregnancy and After Pregnancy

How much weight gain is normal during pregnancy, and will you continue to have weight gain after pregnancy
How will the link between pregnancy and metabolism affect how you'll be losing weight after pregnancy

Understand what causes excessive weight gain during pregnancy, and

You wo not have any problems with excessive weight gain while you have been pregnant.

Will you get fat by having children

Whether you will have weight gain during and after pregnancy is a choice, because its totally within your control once you understand whats really going on, however

Most women do have weight problems because of bearing children, and the reason is simply malnutrition. Strange but True

The first thing you have to understand about pregnancy, is that the baby comes first. Thats a Survival Issue. Once you get pregnant, everything is geared for the survival and health of the baby.

If it was not that way, we would not have survived as a Species

What does the Baby Need

In order to grow properly and be born healthy the baby is going to need lots of Nutrients, Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, etc

If you provide these nutrients in order to grow a Healthy Baby, no problems, but if you do not

The baby will take what it needs from the mothers body, and if that happens, you are going to have Two Problems

You are going to be hungry all the time if you do not provide the baby with what Nutrients it needs, so you're going to overeat and have much more weight gain during pregnancy than you need to.
2. The baby is going to extract whatever Nutrients it can from your body, which is going to do a real number on your metabolism.

Now you have Two Problems

First of all, you are going to have excessive weight gain during pregnancy, which means that instead of gaining the normal 25 to 30 Lbs, you could gain up to 50 Lbs or more, and...

The extra weight, is weight which will be very hard to get rid of after pregnancy, because

Secondly, your body has been drained of stored nutrients, which means that now, you probably have a slow metabolism, so instead of easily losing the weight after pregnancy...

You will probably continue to have weight gain after pregnancy also.

Heaven forbid if you get pregnant again.

The answer is very simple

Just eat only healthy food so that you provide all the nutrients which your baby needs and you will have no problems.

You need to have good variety in your diet, and just get the healthiest food that you can buy. Thats a Win Win situation, for both you and your baby, otherwise you both suffer, because

Your baby could be unhealthy, and you could get fat for the rest of your life, or at least have a real hard time getting rid of the excess fat.

Whats Normal Weight Gain During Pregnancy

In a normal pregnancy, you should have a weight gain during pregnancy of about 25 to 30 Lbs or a little more depending on the situation.

Lets say that you give birth to a baby thats about 7 to 8 Lbs. Increased blood volume can be another 3 to 4 Lbs, and increased fluid volume can be another 2 to 3 Lbs.

Then the Amniotic fluid and a larger uterus can add an extra couple of Lbs each, plus larger breasts can weigh an extra 1 to 3 Lbs and the Placenta can weigh 1 to 2 Lbs.

On top of that, your body could store away anywhere from 6 to 8 Lbs of fat. Thats a survival feature in case of famine.

Add it all up and you could have a weight gain during pregnancy of anywhere from 24 to 32 Lbs, but thats nothing to fear, because very little of that is fat, and

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