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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Benefits Of The Stair Chair Lift

A stair chair lift is a great accessibility option for the disabled, and for everyone who finds the stairs difficult to climb. This lift has a chair where you can sit and be moved up or down the stairs, without much effort. It can prevent accidental falls, and the wearing out of joints.
Most manufactures of stair chair lifts include features that guarantee the safety of the user. The handicapped lift is equipped with safety belt, swivel seat that is foldable against the wall when it is not in use, comes with a soft touch on and off switch, sensors to detect obstacles on its way, and flip-up foot rest.

There are several models of chair stair to fit the indoor and outdoor requirements. One important consideration is the manner of its operation. A stair chair lift can be operated using AC and DC power. If you choose a DC operated chair stair, it is more expensive than the an AC operated chair stair, because the DC comes with battery back-up.

There are two kinds of stair lift to fit the different kinds of stairway. There is a curved stair lift type and a straight stair lift type. There are also models of stair lift that can be customized according to your needs. Outdoor stair lifts are designed to manage even the extreme weather conditions.

If you are planning to buy a stair lift, you first evaluate your needs. The spatial limitation is one of the important considerations that you should have, especially if you have limited space at home. Determine the weight limitation of your stair chair lift as well. Many are designed for different weight capacities.

The chair stair should also provide a smooth and comfortable ride, and a gentle stop. Normally, the chair lift comes with a remote control, make it certain that it is easy to operate. You can also customize the controls to have the buttons installed at the bottom or top of the landings so you can operate the chair stair by yourself.

Most stair chair lifts also feature the option to make the controls inoperable just to make sure that children are not accidentally injured. They also have wrap around arms to provide additional stability on your ride.

The swivel chair itself can be locked to secure you on your seat while it is being operated. Once the lift is stationary, the seat can be rotated up to 180 degrees so you can enter or exit with comfort.

The leading manufacturers of chair stair include Savaria Concord, Bruno Independent Living Aids, ThyssenKrupp Access, Stannah, Ameriglide and Summit. They are known to have durability, reliability and quality.

The benefits of having a stair chair lift at home are varied. It is virtually maintenance free, safe and durable. It adds uniqueness and value to your home. The installation systems are also flexible to fit your house requirements. It enhances the convenience in your daily life.

Since every model varies with its safety measures and features according to the manufacturers, it is important to choose the one that can deliver your needs without much cost. However, you have to understand that the price should not compromise safety and comfort to you.

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