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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Your Dog's Commercial Food

The ingredient list may read something like this" Cereals, animal derivatives, vegetable derivatives . . . " so it is impossible to know what is in it.I am often asked to describe what exactly is wrong with the "normal" pet foods. Even when it is apparent from the health of the pet, it may be difficult to say what it is about the food which makes it unsuitable. Unlike for human food the law allows ingredient listing on pet food to be generic.Why are manufacturers so vague? There's five reasons that come to mind.First, if you knew precisely what you were feeding your pet you would not buy the product.( Commercial Dog Food ) !The second reason is that this vague wording allows the manufacturer to alter the ingredients without having to alter the labeling. Why would a manufacturer require to alter the recipe?Because massive manufacturers are constantly on the lookout for cheap ingredients and it is more profitable to purchase whatever happens to be available than to stick to the same recipe regardless of cost.

Over 87% of Pet Food Company's in the world use Dead Animals in their ingredients.The title of a food can be misleading. A food may be called "Chicken and Rice" but the manufacturer require only put 4% chicken and 4% rice in to the formulation in order to be able to do this. In Burns foods the brown rice and meat ( meat - meaning dead animal meat ) make up over 80% of the total. Five needs to know what is in the food and that the recipe won't alter if food intolerance is to be avoided. Dietary intolerance has plenty to do with health problems, this is caused by the pet food ingredients.In general the price of the food gives a clue as to the quality; nice quality ingredients cost over poor quality ingredients. Protein from soy or dead animals is a lot cheaper than protein from fish or venison. Sometimes it is apparent from its appearance that a food contains artificial colors.Most customers and people I talk with believe it's cheaper ( and so much better ) to make your dog food at home.

You can find some Free recipe's at and more about commercial dog food dangers.In theory it ought to be possible to tell from the condition of the pet whether its diet is right for it. But this is fraught with difficulties. To the untrained eye it may appear that the pet is perfectly healthy but to the expert there may be plenty of signs that a problem is present.For example I encounter plenty of canines which have a "doggy" smell, the coat may feel greasy or disagreeable to the touch, the dog may be constantly mauling or is itchy, or have tooth tartar. Owners may not notice these symptoms or may assume that they are normal. Or they do not realize that diet is responsible for the condition. Toy breeds often have runny eyes where the tears stain the hair on the face; it took me years to realize that this can be corrected by proper feeding.I have found the only and best diet for your dog or cat is "Homemade Recipe's". When you look at all the dangers in Commercial Dog Food, there is really no choice in the matter but to make your dog healthy homemade recipe's. Plus for some Free dog food and treat recipe's you can always drop us an email at or just stop by and see us at "".

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